WisBusiness: The ‘UW Undiagnosed Genetic Disease Clinic’ (UW-UDP) was recently launched

WisBusiness: The ‘UW Undiagnosed Genetic Disease Clinic’ (UW-UDP) was recently launched

— A new collaboration between three UW-Madison health and research organizations aims to identify and improve treatments for rare genetic diseases.

The UW Undiagnosed Genetic Disease Clinic was recently launched in Madison by UW Health, the Waisman Center and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health.

Dr. Stephen Meyn, director of the UW Center for Human Genomics and Precision Medicine, says the effort will seek to provide a diagnosis for patients “who in many cases have searched for years” for the cause of their conditions. The clinic will also study these conditions and analyze the genetic causes in hopes of developing better treatments.

“This is a research effort, but the focus is on the patient,” Meyn said in a statement. “When we think about how we can help these people, it is by diagnosing them so they and their health care providers can better understand their conditions and live their lives to their highest potential.”

A release from UW-Madison shows rare diseases likely affect around one in every 12 people, including about 450,000 people in Wisconsin alone. But the genetic causes for these conditions have been identified in just half of patients, according to the release.

Patients will be referred by their health care provider to the clinic, where specialists will be working in partnership with other institutions including Stanford University and Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. Some of those patients will be recruited for research studies after other genetic testing options have been exhausted.

Find details on the program here: https://chgpm.wisc.edu/uw-undiagnosed-disease-program/